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Testing. Why do I hate you so? I have to admit that I absolutely despise checking my blood sugar. I have been trying to figure out the reason but I am still at a lost. You see, I don’t mind the blood, the poker doesn’t hurt that much (most of the time not at all), it only takes 5 secs to read and yet I feel pure, unadulterated dread when that time comes. Maybe it is the fear of knowing that it is not where it should be at that point in time. I tend to feel like my number. If my meter says I am high, I start to feel that way even though two seconds before I was feeling fine and it was probably high then as well. Maybe it is the routine of it all – taking it out, testing, waiting and maybe freaking out, fast forward two hours later and repeat.

What ever the reason I have decided to take the plunge! To take a trip on the wild side. I am going to test before and after each meal, before I go to bed and at 2am. I printed a log sheet from Accu-Chek  called a 360 degree view tool that allows me to chart my readings into a graph. My first testing goal is to stick with this at least until the 17th. That is when I will have to see my Endocrinologist. I hope he will see all the hard work I’ve been doing and really consider me as a candidate for the insulin pump. Even if he doesn’t, I will have a better idea for how my sugars are trending.

That is the real reason to test. You want to be able to see how well you are staying in your target zone. Testing can show you the effects of food, exercise, medications, illness or stress have on your blood sugar and alert you of a high or low. It puts you in control. Well, I’m off for now to do a bedtime blood sugar test .

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3 thoughts on “Testing”

  1. We are on the same schedule! I saw my endocrinologist two weeks ago and she set me up on a schedule; before meals, bedtime, and at 2a.m.. I also have to track what I eat, the amount of carbs, and how much insulin I am giving myself.
    I wish you luck with your journey to a pump! I’m guessing you’re on insulin pens? If so, we’re on the same journey 🙂

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