Mom, This One’s For You

Yesterday, I was focused on heartbreak but today I would like to thank the person who has been there for me though thick and thin – my mom.

Thank you for taking me to the doctor, after school that day. Thank you for asking those hard questions when I was too stunned to know what I wanted to say. You were my rock when we went to the hospital and the doctors were finding great difficulty putting  IVs into my tiny arms. With each ‘ouch’ you soothe me and said that everything would be okay.

Thank you for taking time off to take me to camp. It was there I found so many others who were just like me and you found friends too, other parents just like you. Diabetes became your mission, your cause and you did all you could to make a good camp better and help spread awareness. You wanted others to know that it could  happen to them.

Thank you for changing your life to make my transition so much easier like replacing all the sugar in the house with Splenda. You knew how left out I felt not being able to eat like other kids and you found many substitutes such as sugar-free cookies and diabetic ice-cream.

Thank you for dealing with my nasty mood-swings from either high or low blood sugars when I would scream angry words like ‘I hate you!’ but you knew that they weren’t true. At times I knew you would get frustrated, though you tried to understand but being a parent of a young diabetic is more than most can stand.

Thanks for crying with me when I was frustrated, or sad. Yes, there were times I needed you to be my rock but you were also my teddy bear. I knew I could confide in you. There will times I when I felt like giving up and with a tear-stained face you dried my tears, held me close and told me that you wouldn’t let me because you knew I was stronger than that.

You always saw the person that I could be and diabetes didn’t change the potential that you could see. Thanks for reassuring me that everything would be okay. Through the good times that we had as well as the bad, the ups and downs, the highs and lows, you have stayed through it all and I just wanted to thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Mom, This One’s For You”

  1. WOW! This really brought tears to my eyes. I know it hasn’t been easy for your mom trying to cope, but I know that it has brought u two even more closer together than u ever have been. I think that u r a beautiful, loving, talented, brave and courageous individual and I also know that God will be there for you through good times and bad and he will always make sure that u have ur mom to lean on when u need a loving, helping, caring arm to hold u close and also to hold u up. Stay strong and don’t loose faith.
    luv u
    Auntie Kathy

  2. When i read this i couldn’t help but think ‘omg little Stephie’s allllll grown up’ i’m so proud of you and what you’ ve been doing Steph and you’ll always have my love and support 😉

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