The Love in Evolve

Yesterday, I went to a farmers’ market with my mom where the unexpected happened – amidst the vegetables, homemade bread, organic sausages and crafts, I found the inspiration for this post written on a t-shirt of all places. It had the word ‘evolve’ written on it with a backwards ‘L’ highlighting the word Love. There’s literally love in evolve. Wow… now that’s some deep stuff. So what exactly does it mean to evolve?

Evolution basically is about the gradual process of developing a certain characteristic, usually to make you better or stronger. It is about growth and the journey of growing. However, evolving is never easy because it involves change. Most people have some degree of fear when it comes to change and hold on to their traditions, sometimes even to their detriment.

So how does one get over the hurdle of fearing change and onto evolving?

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